Micropublishing – four lessons and one question arising from Marco Arment’s The Magazine

The Magazine

If you’re a journalist, micropublishing sounds like the promised land. No more relying on scant advertising revenue, no more big publisher bloat, just great content at a great price that actually makes money.

Marco Arment’s The Magazine, the trailblazer in this nascent movement, has passed the 25,000 subscriber mark in double quick time and seems a runaway success — so what can we learn from this latest experiment in publishing?

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What is the point of touchscreen laptops?


I reviewed this touchscreen ultrabook this week.In most respects it’s a very good laptop. But the touchscreen is just a waste of time. It’s totally unnecessary on a standard non-hybrid laptop, and worse still it has a reflective finish that’s really annoying. Samsung sells the same laptop without a touchscreen for £120 less, and it’s a non-glare screen… buy that one instead.

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Google Now is final piece in Google’s iOS Trojan Horse

Google Now is the final piece in Google’s Trojan Horse move on iOS. I’ve never seen much point in the Google Search app on iOS until now – why not just search from the browser? Now, however, it has a piece of instant utility that makes me want to have it and use it.

It takes pride of place on the top row of my iPhone home screen now, next to Gmail, Google Maps and Sunrise which, though not a Google app, is there for me to access…Google Calendar. And since people are bound to ask, with an experience as rich and high quality as these apps are, I have no intention or need to switch to Android.

iOS currently enjoys the best of both worlds. Excellent Google apps, very good hardware and a stable app platform that generally gets the best apps before Android. The only thing it lacks is an affordable entry point… now about that rumoured cheap iPhone… http://po.st/MnSaT1

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